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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's day

Posted by Chandan Sharma on 11:41:00 AM with No comments
Love is hard to be explained in words and so as the great Valentine’s Day. People expect lovely things for themselves on this day which is quite expected, and I am not an exception to this. Last year I planned to meet one of the ‘Phone friends’, who was erotically innocent while talking over the phone. We were unknown to each other by face as she never shared any picture, and neither did I. It was exciting to meet a person to whom you have never met before. On 14th Feb we decided to meet in a McDonald’s food chain at 10 am. I was too excited for the date and in delight of meeting a girl, I purchased a branded shirt of ‘Levis’ which cost me more than my half of the salary. Once I reached home I looked at the bill again and realized that it was a bit too much for my small pocket. It is an irony that after goofing up by taking that shirt, I could not look sad while paying that money to those people…because I was paying that just under a video camera. We do many things in our life which cannot be reversed, though we wish to have a reverse button in life. I was watching television in the evening and all of a sudden I came across news which raised my Goosebumps. There was a report about a boy who never returned after a blind date. These news channels are bizarre. I was about to get indulge in a blind date tomorrow, and today they showed this report…bloody fish. On one hand I wanted to meet the owner of that soft voice, to check upon her beauty and many things which I do not prefer to say in public and on the other hand this news report had made my base to sweat. What should I do? Should I cancel the meeting or purchase new underwear and move on? I came with an idea to move on with the plan because I didn’t want my new shirt to wait for too long. I planned to go with a friend and to add some spice in the meeting. I asked that friend to pretend as if he was me, and I decided to act like a stranger. I gave a pat on my back and went to bed to see the dreams which were nasty.
The next day I was sitting inside the food chain of McDonalds, my friend occupied a nearby chair.
“You should sit on a different chair now.” I said and handed over my mobile to him. He transferred himself to a different chair. We both were looking anxious and excited. Soon my friend received a call and he gave directions to the lady. I saw a girl moving towards the table and wished her to be the girl we were waiting for. She said ‘Hi’ to my friend and sat on the chair beside him. I thought I could have wished Lady Gaga to be my girlfriend and that could have been true…wasted a wish. The girl and my friend started talking formally and I started staring towards that girl. ‘Not bad.’ I said to myself. After visiting and revisiting the same assets for trillion times I gave a miss call (with other mobile) on my mobile which was with my friend. He looked at the miss call and ignored it. I felt like the biggest idiot on the earth who gave his ‘to be’ girlfriend to his friend on a plate. All of a sudden I felt the rush of blood and I thought of punching on their table but I suspended the plan as I didn’t want to break my fist for an unknown girl, and friendship day was not too far away as well. I noticed that I have received an SMS. It was from my mobile so, I read it. My friend sent me the information related to the girl and his conclusion was that girl is not good for me although he wrote that he had informed the girl that he was not me. I felt like throwing the mobile on his face. I was planning to poke my nose in between but suddenly both of them moved to the exit. I stared at my friend and he smiled. I thought he will return from the gate after sending off the girl but sometimes a thought can be so wrong. He never returned. My goddamn friend just took my ‘to be’ valentine with him. What? I sat there keeping my hand on my head, and thinking that what should I do with this ‘Levis’ shirt now? I tried to pacify myself saying very good things about my friend. I used all the abusive words I could recall at that time. I noticed that he left my mobile on the table. I took the mobile silently and crawled towards my house thinking that it could have been a better valentine if I would have ignored that news report.
In evening I glared at my mobile and thought of calling that girl, to scold her. At least, I will get rid of my frustration. I called her. The hysterical voices soon started to flow through phone but it wasn’t mine, it was hers. She blamed me for flirting with a girl I even didn’t know and I blamed her for flirting with a boy she was unfamiliar of. All of a sudden we both stopped making noises. There was a pin drop silence. I was shocked that she played the same trick on me and she was also sitting there on one of the chairs. My blood stopped flowing for a second and then a loud laugh destroyed the silence. We both laughed our heart out. I asked her that why she did that? And her answer was shocking. It was the same news report…that sucks. I told her about the reason which prompted me to take that step too. We again laughed till we felt our breaths running out. We decided to meet again without any friend but on next Valentine’s Day.
Now as we are about to see a Valentine’s Day again, I hope our date will be successful. Meanwhile my friend and that girl are still in a committed relationship.
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